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Amazon Fresh Prepares for U.K. Roll-Out

Amazon Fresh, the grocery home-delivery service which is already established in Seattle, California and New York, will launch to U.K. homes in September. “One difference between Fresh and already-established U.K. services such as Ocado is that Amazon typically teams up with local businesses such as delis and bakeries to widen the range of local produce available and can also deliver other Amazon orders,” says David Jinks of ParcelHero.

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Leverage your supply chain to boost your finances

Supply chain managers who are also able to manage working capital are a massive aid to a company’s bottom line. Through strategies that optimize inventory levels, their ability to negotiate better payment terms and a resulting faster payment collection. Every company is able to use their supply chains to improve their ability to manage capital, and senior management can help by getting operations managers more involved with cross-functional roles.

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Recruiting for the evolving supply chain

Managers need to look for more than simply technical skills when hiring supply chain specialists, writes John Ames Jr. “Successful team members should be effective problem solvers—people who think analytically and are natural researchers and implementers of new processes.”

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