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On Tour, On Time, On Budget

With some of the biggest names in the music industry trusting EFM to deliver reliable, cost effective, full service music tour and events logistics for over 15 years, EFM have developed a global reputation as one of the most reliable and trustworthy music tour logistics providers in the world. EFM have also spent the past 15 years developing in depth global experience in providing logistics support to large orchestras with all their requirements.

Supporting bands in all genres from their early days and throughout their career to world tour planning, EFM are specialists that are trained to support all logistics services for tours and concerts worldwide.

EFM work directly with tour managers and production managers to ensure that every aspect of the tour is delivered on time and on budget, every time.


We've got your team covered

Many of EFM’s logistics experts who specialise in major sporting events, started their careers working within the organisations they now support. This inside know-how, makes EFM the obvious choice for the teams, organisers, sponsors, broadcast companies and suppliers when they need to call upon that experience. As a result, EFM has provided the logistics for many of the major global sporting events of the 21st century around the world.

EFM’s passion and commitment is reflected in being the supplier of choice for major national teams from across the globe in sports ranging from Athletics, Rowing and Cycling to Rugby and Cricket.


Safely transporting your equipment where it's needed most

Whether it is supporting the production of a new movie or the urgent need to deliver broadcasting equipment to a major sporting event, EFM have the ability to assist.

Overcoming the difficulties of handling large quantities of equipment, tight preparation time, multi-regional operations and the complexity of customs clearance within a short time period, EFM are able to successfully fulfil the complex and demanding logistics service for your broadcasting project.


Make sure opening night's a hit with EFM

Whether you require Costume Deliveries, Storage, Prop Deliveries or Scenery Transportation, EFM have the knowledge and experience to find the right solution for your show.

EFM work with leading global theatre companies, global touring shows and independent companies to provide a quality and reliable end to end service all over the world.


Delivering your need for speed

EFM have a specialist automotive division who are experts in providing a door to door white glove service for all global specialist automotive logistics requirements. In the Middle East, investment into specialist equipment means that EFM has unique covered sports recovery vehicles which lower to floor to enable any car with the very lowest ground clearance, to be transported safely.

EFM work in supporting major brands and production companies with the logistics for the launch events of their new high end cars, introducing concept cars at prestigious motoring events and delivering limited edition vehicles to High Net Worth individuals.


if it's special, trust the specialists

EFM’s thoroughly vetted and security cleared specially trained staff ensure that all goods are handled with the utmost care and discretion from collection to delivery.

This is why EFM are the chosen partner to deliver white glove services for many HNW and UHNW private individuals personal logistics requirements, together with providing a secure and reliable supply chain solution for high end and exclusive global brands.


Your designs arriving in style

From one off fashion shows, launch events and new store openings to daily stock management and imports, EFM have the network, knowledge and experience to manage the fashion industry global supply chain.

With premium brands and exclusive designers choosing EFM for their logistics solutions in New York, London and beyond, you can feel confident in EFM’s ability to understand and support even the most complex of requirements.


Treating every artwork like a Picasso

When it comes to moving art, EFM are experienced, knowledgeable and security cleared to support with all aspects of art logistics anywhere in the world.

From private collectors to major galleries, EFM will support with all handling, packaging, storage, transport and insurance to allow our customers of any size to be confident in the safe handling of their unique and valuable art.


Tailoring every project to your needs

With any major project, EFM are on hand to support with advice and guidance to ensure you find the right solution for your projects’ complex logistics requirements.

Whether in the engineering, construction, marine, oil, gas, wind energy, hydro power, mining or major events industries, EFM are on hand to work with you to provide innovative, reliable and cost effective solutions.

Most projects will be unique. EFM’s team of experts are on hand to work with you to ensure that it succeeds.